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You should visit this small and so nice town!!

I’ve just added a new page to my blog – Surroundings. I am sure that if you are here, you can see also by occasion what is all around Siena.

So let me start this page with Colle di Val d’Elsa. Name means “Hill of Elsa Valley”. “Elsa” is the name of the river which crosses the town.

What you should know . . . Colle di Val d’Elsa is internationally renowned for the production of crystal glassware and art (can you imagine that has 15% of world production?!).

The area is beautiful. To enter the town you have to pass the ancient and monumental Porta Nova and a sequence of fine 16th-17th-century noble houses. Then a magnificent Palazzo Campana, which marks the entry to the Castle, the oldest part of Colle. And an atmosphere will change: narrow paved lanes, magnificent 15th and 16th-century noble houses, tower-houses.

Colle di Val d’Elsa has a very attractive old town, around which once pro week takes place a market (not so huge like in Siena but for sure worth to see). You will find here very interesting craftsmanship’s locals, where you can observe local people’s creative output like also buy some unique souvenirs. What I highly recommend!!

But for sure the most important is Duomo di Colle di Val d’Elsa, where you can find a relic – nail from the cross of Jesus.

And at the end a practical information . . . how to get there. Of course you can go by car, but also by bus. Single ticket costs 3,40 EUR and it is so close to Siena, only about 30 min. Timetable you will find here http://www.sienamobilita.it/en/orari.html .

To encourage you to visit this small but so nice town without the tourist crowd, I attach picture gallery. So just only look below and don’t forget about Colle di Val d’Elsa when you are here in Siena.

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10 thoughts on “You should visit this small and so nice town!!

  1. Seeing this post reminds me of one of my most favorite adventures. We rented a villa just outside Colle and for several weeks explored every inch of the surrounding area. It is a convenient spot from which to do day trips. We were very surprised to learn of Colle’s glassmaking significance, and you can bet I have several beautiful pieces. I will so look forward to your posts now that I’ve found you.

  2. I loved Siena and will revisit in the future. I have a love affair with Italy and spent 3 months in Umbria this summer (see magicspello.wordpress.com). I love your enthusiasm for Siena and your tips for great places to visit.

  3. My beloved husband and I did, indeed, visit this town – and I remember it quite well. On my blog there’s a link to our travel site, where in the trip called ‘Travelling Hopefully’ you can see a couple of photos of it. Mi manca la bellissima Italia …

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