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Lunch break . . . for sure here!

I want to suggest you a really nice place. Of course Italian cuisine! So today PIADINA – thin Italian flatbread. Typically prepared in the Romagna region, however also in Siena you can find it and enjoy a great taste with your favorite additives. Piadina is made with white flour, lard or olive oil, salt and water.

The place that I will talk about is Piadineria Gian Gusto (http://www.giangusto.it/), and don’t worry – easily you will find it. It is close to Piazza del Campo (Via S.Pietro Ovile – vicinity p.zza S. Francesco) on the way to Basilica of San Francesco. This is small but very cosy place that has polite and friendly staff. Your Piadina you can eat there and at the same time follow television or reading newspapers. However you can take your lunch away. Price . . . about 4-5 EUR.

The taste is really good, and what is the most important your Piadina will be filled with whatever you want. Menu list is very long, and takes some time to read all positions. Then only you have to wait some time . . . and you can relish unique taste! The size is for sure enough to satisfy you. So please remember about this place, because it so worth to enter there! And by occasion fill your stomach. I am sure you will like it!!  A smile will not disappear from your face . . .  for a very long time! Trust me!

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