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Tuscan treasure – Monteriggioni !

This time I want to suggest you to visit small Monteriggioni – a medieval walled town. It is located on a natural hillock, built by the Sienese in 1214-1219. Because of the location you will see it easily 🙂 What is more you can enter the town’s walls and get wonderful opportunity to admire the panorama of Tuscany.  I am sure that you will be delighted with the views all around.

Walls have about 570 meters and have fourteen towers and two gates (the Porta Fiorentina and the Porta Romana). The main street within the walls connects the two gates in a roughly straight line.

Monteriggioni is really small. The main piazza, the Piazza Roma, is dominated by a Romanesque church with a simple façade. Around the piazza are located houses (some of them in the Renaissance style) and small town’s businesses. Off the main piazza smaller streets give way to public gardens.

As I mention this town is a real treasure and this you will realize immediately!  Despite a small territory dominates abundance of local activity. Just here you can taste Tuscan Cuisine in many restaurants as well as buy typical Tuscan products (great wines, oil of olive, Grappe, typical cakes, cured meats, cheeses, truffle, mushrooms). It is priceless to taste wine in small winery and learn a lot about production from the owner. Also here you have a possibility to enter many shops that very often are gallery or workshop work. It gives you great opportunity to buy beautiful and unique souvenirs.

During the year on the main piazza take place some festivals (for sure the most spectacular and picturesque is medieval festival) and concerts. What is more . . . on 24th of December takes place magical and wonderful la Fiaccolata (that begins a march with torches in snake’s shape, then Mass and then celebration with wine).

If you decide to visit this Tuscan treasure (for sure you do I think), as always you can go by car or by bus. (http://www.sienamobilita.it). If you decide to go by bus it is only 20 min from Siena, and one-way ticket costs only 2,50 EUR. So tell me what you are waiting for?! J

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46 thoughts on “Tuscan treasure – Monteriggioni !

  1. Ah! Nicely written – that brings back some memories! We were there about 2 months back…and we loved it! It’s a beautiful place and the short climb from the road was scenic and memorable too! We read somewhere that there is a medieval festival which is celebrated even today – with people dressed out like old times. Is that true? And oh – very nice pictures too! 🙂 Regards!

  2. Thank you for dropping by. I loved Italy (and its people and its sights and sounds) when I visited last November although sadly I never made it to Siena, with Florence being the closest I got, aside from the usual stops at Rome and Venice. The reason for not doing so was that I had planned to spend the next visit to Italy totally immersed in and around the smaller towns in Tuscany for the entire 2 weeks that I hope to be there. 🙂

  3. looking at ur pictures i can imagine how beautiful it is, i saw the train station of this place on the way from firenze to siena last time, When going to Siena next time, i think i should pass by there:D, beautiful

    • 🙂 thank you for your comment 🙂 if you have a possibility next time, you should pass 🙂 feel free to write to me after 🙂 have a happy and sunny weekend 🙂

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