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I buoni del Campo

It is like that in this world . . . good moments are passing so fast! But the most important is that they are coming again.

Some time ago we could taste a bit of Sicilia! And last weekend like every year we had in Siena Mercato nel Campo. Everything on Piazza del Campo! Weather was really good and what is more our city is already ready to welcome the Christmas. The history center’s streets are decorated with lights and with big Christmas tree. This makes a great and unique atmosphere that attracts us to leave our houses in the evening! With pleasure!

But coming back to main subject Saturday and Sunday since 8 am till 8 pm Piazza del Campo was for sure more crowded! Why was like that!? Mercato nel Campo! A lot of stalls full of (wonderful) typical food as well as handmade goods and Christmas decorations. It is not hard to guess that more crowded was in food part! Sellers encouraged us to tasting and purchase their products! It wasn’t hard because after tasting it was hard not to buy to taste more! Also amazing smell in the air made you for sure hungry! Typical products that is of course cheese (with pecorino ahead); wines; virgin olive oil; huge choice of honey; meats; sweets; pasta; marmalade . . .

After food (couldn’t be inversely of course) we could pass the other part . . . of stalls. There mostly Christmas decorations so this what we need now the most! I wasn’t able to take my eyes off stalls! So  we could get something that will remind us that Christmas is so close or something that will be a very nice gift!

So now you can check my photos and then decide to visit my city next year and see it with your own eyes! Because fortunately Mercato nel Campo is every year!

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20 thoughts on “I buoni del Campo

  1. Reblogged this on Ecuador Galore and commented:
    Now that is what I call a Christmas Market. Those are great photos of Piazza del Campo and Mercato nel Campo! Why can’t I travel everywhere at once?

  2. Meravigliosa Siena!
    Mi piacciono un sacco i mercati, questo sembra molto bello e ricco di cose da scoprire e assaggiare.
    La piazza è bellissima, non essendo mail stata a Siena comunque mi pare una città piena di cose da vedere e spero di farci una capatina un giorno!
    Buona giornata e buon weekend!

  3. So many great food and drink items on sale in this beautiful farmers market, i’m really sad now because they are so far away from me 😦 My appetite is raised so i must go out and find some Italian food here in Shanghai 🙂 Thank you for such a wonderful tour 🙂

    • you are welcome 🙂 for sure you will find something Italian there 🙂 but true it is so far 🙂 but it is distant to overcome if you want to visit 🙂 have a nice day 🙂

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