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Happy Easter – Buona Pasqua !! :)

DSC03944During this special Easter’s days I want to wish you a lot of joyful, happy, sunny moments with your family and friends!!

And please remember about some activity after eating a delicious Easter dishes (btw about mine cooperation with one person and our article about an activity during vacation will be more soon).

Pasqua is especially important here in Italy where mostly of time we spend with family. All of us are surrounded by huge chocolate Easter eggs which are a symbol of new life as well as delicious gift!

Tradition in Italy is huge breakfast, main role play hard-boiled eggs of course, but also salami and red wine, cheese pizza, the dove Easter omelette with mint and bread baked in a wood. For sure to traditional dishes belong: Agnello, Pizza al formaggio, Minestra di Pasqua, Carciofi e patate soffritti, Arancini, La Colomba di Pasqua, Ciambellone di Pasqua, Gubana Easter Bread.

What is more on Easter Monday, known as “Pasquetta” is used to make snacks or lunches (picnic) outside in the country or in the park.

And how these special days you spend in your country?

At the end one more time Happy Easter-Buona Pasqua!


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