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Palio 2.07.2014 !

DSC04690Just yesterday was a great day for Siena, big crowd of people, great race, great rivalry, great excitement, great victory and great joy and fun.

What is more is was very hot. However it wasn’t important. Can you imagine that some people were waiting hours on Piazza del Campo?!

DSC04738But what is obvious everything is worth for Palio! 🙂 that we are waiting for all year.
Yesterday we were witnesses to great triumph Contrada del Drago. It was a symbolic victory of il fantino from Siena Alberto Ricceri that won for Contrada del Drago il drappellone that commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Siena. As every year Palio in July is dedicated to the Madonna of Provenzano.

Maybe some of you have been yesterday in Piazza del Campo?!If no just look below!

And I am already waiting for next Palio that is 16.08.2014 ! 🙂

Greetings from very sunny Siena!

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31 thoughts on “Palio 2.07.2014 !

  1. I have sadly never seen the Palio. But once, when we were in Sienna about 5 years ago, we had just arrived at our hotel and were advised to hurry down to the Campo as they were drawing the lots to decide who got to race in the next Palio…most fascinating! Very colourful spectacle with all the flags 🙂

  2. Today in France is La fête nationale and we shall be partying until the wee hours of morning as usual. Summer is always a party here. But we also don’t wait for summer to celebrate. I do enjoy your beautiful photos and perhaps one day will visit.
    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you will continue to enjoy the posts.

  3. Nice shots! It brings back lots of memories from my trip to Palio Sienna in 2005. I sat on the 2nd row from the arena. I can still remember the sound of those horses past by. Also the sand that flew on my face. Good memories. If I can recall clearly, it is also not cheap to get a ticket for this event! Hope you had a good time.

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