Pantha Du Prince + Robert Henke/ Lumiere #2019SI !

DSC05618Yesterday we had an incredible opportunity to participate in the next initiative of Siena 2019, candidate city for European Capital of Culture – Alfa MiTo Club To Club Festival #C2C14. It was an exclusive evening in the prestigious premises of the Teatro dei Rinnovati, that is situated inside the Palazzo Pubblico (Piazza del Campo).

During Wednesday’s evening gave a concert two protagonists of the German electronic scene:
Robert Henke (aka Monolake)– computer music composer and professor of sound design – with its amazing laser show Lumière and

Pantha Du Prince – producer, composer and conceptual artist for Electro, Techno, House, Minimal and Noise – with his mix of house, techno and dreamy melodies.

What is more entrance was free, with priority for those who made the booking. I was the lucky one that got ticket. DSC05635

Alfa MiTo Club To Club ( ) is amongst the most appreciated music, art and electronic culture festivals in Europe. It is called also as ‘’the best festival in Italy’’ and ‘’one of the most important in all Europe for electronic music lovers’’. This year will celebrate its fourteenth edition #C2C14 that will take place in Torino from 5th to 9th November 2014, during the Contemporary Art Week.
So if you are in Milano these days don’t miss this occasion!

DSC05639As you can see an event took place in unusual place – Teatro dei Rinnovati. Theatre was founded around 1560 by Bartolomeo Neroni. Today, thanks to a massive restoration’s project (that lasted more than five years), Teatro dei Rinnovati is back to its former glory. The works ensured the preservation and improvement of functional rehabilitation of the building, adjacent to the Palazzo Pubblico. The structure, now in line with the latest technology and safety standards of reference, is able to accommodate representations of prose and lyric, with over six hundred seats, distributed among the audience and eighty-eight boxes. The official opening of the new face of the Teatro Rinnovati took place June 3, 2009.

Yesterday theatre was full. And trust me it made this event more special and extraordinary. And who wanted to dance, was dancing 🙂

Nothing will reflect what we saw yesterday, however as usually some photos for you ! Have a sunny and happy day!:)

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Il volontariato scende in Piazza – Festa del volontariato 2014 !

Is it possible to “measure” the heart of a Siena? That is for sure!

Just yesterday September 13th of course in the heart of our city – Piazza del Campo took a place – “Il volontariato scende in Piazza”!
It was a great event that showed everyone how Siena is rich in people that spend their time for voluntary service. So do I since some time!

And what you should know, it is really worth!

DSC05552It was an afternoon of music and fun organized by The Cesvot – Delegation of Siena! And everything this was to discover voluntary associations of our city.
Two street band gave concerts (between the booths set up in Piazza del Campo) that attracted a lot of local people and tourists. This of course on Piazza del Campo where, between markets and demonstrations, voluntary organizations had a possibility to showed their own everyday activities.

What is more also Siena 2019 Capitale Europea della Cultura – città candidata was presented with an information point.

However not only 🙂 Just look below 🙂

Siena Jazz 2014 !

DSC04878And again we had an event in Siena and again music! What is more important these days will be more music! Can’t be better? I don’t think so.

Just two days ago started Siena Jazz 2014 that will last till 7th August. Entrance for every event is free.

DSC04891I had an opportunity to be on Piazza Duomo yesterday evening. And without any doubts can write that it was a great concert: “Siena Jazz Masters 2014” with eight protagonists of the international music – Avishai Cohen, Mark Turner, Lionel Loueke, Jeff Ballard, Ambrose Akinmusire, Anat Cohen, David Virelles, Matt Penman.

The concert was organized by the Siena Jazz Foundation, in collaboration with the festival “Siena and Star”. This for the 44th edition of the International Summer Seminars that brings together more than 30 faculty-Siena musicians from all over the world.

If you haven’t been there and seen this unique event in the magnificent setting of the Piazza del Duomo, maybe you will be able to see another concert Siena Jazz 2014.

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Siena And Stars !

Just yesterday Antonello Venditti opened, with “70th/80th … BACK TO THE FUTURE” “Siena and Stars”, the summer festival which for the second year is a combination of the beauty of Siena and quality of the show.

During this time until August 5 in the Tuscan town will give a concert many great guests inter alia: Goran Bregovic, Ambrogio Sparagna and the Orchestra Popolare Italian, Sonics, the dancers of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Rome Opera Flamenco, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava and Siena Jazz.

Beginning of festival with Antonello Venditti on Piazza del Campo (that exceptionally was with free admission) was a big party for Siena and gathered amazing crowd of fans.

Next unique opportunity will be for fans of Franco Battiato (Sicilian singer-songwriter) and will take place on 15th July in Piazza Duomo.

Program and more information about this big festival you can find here

And at the end let me show you yesterday with such a huge crowd on Piazza del Campo!


Have a sunny weekend 🙂 !

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Party On per Siena 2019 !

20140626_222537Siena 2019 – City nominated for European Capital of Culture (Siena 2019 – Città candidata a Capitale Europea della Cultura) made an appointment with a wonderful Party On, the big event that took place just yesterday evening in Piazza San Francesco.

DSC04540Four local bands gave great live concerts. The musicians show opened MK Pisani. Then we could have fun with funk rock group – the Silent Noise. Next was Matteo Frusciante and Lady Ramona revival band, a group that produces mainly covers of big hits rock 60s and 70s. Everything closed the red-hot rock concert of The Dinosaurs, well known for numerous performances unleashed in Siena and province.

20140626_214155However Party On wasn’t just a music event. We were able to admire a great light installations (spectacle of light and 3D animations) that enriched the evening. This was designed by Walter Buonfino (an expert in 3D graphics, video mapping and documentary photographer). Play of lights and lighting installations inspired by the colors and themes of Candidacy was projected on the facade of the Church of San Francesco, transforming the space into sets dynamic and engaging.
The result of this work was an unique explosion of images that excited us an at the same time described through fascinating “stories in motion” the key points of the project application, the magic of a whirling dance of lights, colors and sounds.
It was a spectacular video projection in which the main themes of Siena candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2019 were reinterpreted in an artistic manner.
For sure a unique opportunity where we could admire the artistic heritage of the city.

What is more during the Party On the staff of Candidacy distributed the new gadgets of Siena, 2019. Like this we could get original bracelet and T-Shirt. Of course I didn’t miss this chance.DSC04559

All initiative was organized to encourage the active participation of young people in the project of Candidacy. It is for sure a crucial opportunity to imagine, discover and build together the future of Siena.

Below I put some photos, however they are absolutely not able to show what we saw yesterday 🙂 This will be one of our priceless memories.

Wish you sunny weekend!The last before Palio that we are waiting for! What is important this weekend in Siena will be a beautiful weather!

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Amaury Cambuzat plays Ulan Bator

20140406_005817Do you remember Corte dei Miracoli?! I hope yes 🙂 If you don’t know what I am writing about just check it here

The last event that took place there just yesterday (5th of April) was AMAURY CAMBUZAT plays ULAN BATOR.20140406_005741.

Founder of the French band Ulan Bator presented, in an acoustic version, all the songs that have marked the history of the group.

The multi-instrumentalist French Amaury Cambuzat founded the Ulan Bator in 1993 together with Olivier Manchion. Over the years, it was going to be a tireless production, which can count as many as ten albums under the brand Ulan Bator.

Since 1996 collaborates with the historical formation of the German Faust; recorded two albums with side-project Chaos Physique and three solo albums. His entire discography collects a wide cross-party consensus, by critics and audiences.

He has worked with well-known names of the independent international scene as Robin Guthrie ( Cocteau Twins) , Michael Gira (The Swans ), James Johnston ( Gallon Drunk , Bad Seeds) , Nikki Sudden ( Swell Maps) , and in Italy with Egle & Sommacal Emidio Clementi (maximum volume) , CSI, Marlene Kuntz, or even recently joined Marco Campitelli ( DeAambula Records) in Oslo Tapes project.

Some more information you can find on official website: .

Also there you can learn that Amaury Cambuzat plays Ulan Bator (Acoustic) is since November 2013 on the tour, that will finish 8th June 2014. Check here if you can participate in one of the remaining concerts:!about3/c1w3b .

20140406_004913And coming back to yesterday the concert started at midnight. But it was worth to wait and not only for me because in Corte dei Miracoli was very crowded.

All of us had an opportunity to listen his French songs and what is more amazing guitar’s playing. And everything was in an acoustic version. So what you want more 🙂

In summary I want to admit (one more time) that it was certainly worth to be yesterday in Corte dei Miracoli. And if you have a possibility to see one from remaining concerts, you should be there and enjoy it.

And unfortunately like this passes another weekend. Wish you a sunny and happy week!

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Cacio & Pere

20140131_131719Since Wednesday afternoon only rain in Toscana. . .without stop. So it is not the best time to do sightseeing or take some pictures. However you can if you want, the only thing . . . don’t forget to take big umbrella!
On the other hand we have just started weekend! Is not it nice ? 🙂
That is why I want to suggest you very casual restaurant today . . . Cacio & Pere. You will find it in the heart of our historic center.
For sure you will be satisfied with the inside of the restaurant. That is warm atmosphere, local live music, long selection of wines (from the most famous Tuscan red wines, Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico and Morellino di Scansano, until the whites whose offer also includes labels from Friuli, Sicily and Trentino), cocktails, lunches as well as very polite staff.
What is more during the weekend’s evenings Cacio & Pere is full inside and outside. A lot of people stay outside drinking, talking with friends and smoking.
Just here are served cold or hot dishes of the traditional cuisine of Siena that with wines and beers taste great. You can try many delicacies of traditional Tuscan bruschetta, pappa al pomodoro, more or less ripened cheeses, salamis and hams produced by local companies. And what is more everything for all budgets.
Downstairs part of the local hosts live bands every night and exhibitions of paintings and photography of young talent.
As you can see this adorable place has everything that makes it special and worth to visit! Hmm what you need more . . . ? I guess only the address . . .Via dei termini 70. So wish you a nice evening and weekend !

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il Capodanno di Siena ”Happy light year”

DSC02706Attractions of the New Year’s Eve in Siena took place in the history center of the city – via Pantaneto, piazza Matteotti e piazza del Campo.

”Happy light year” in Siena with a formula “low cost, high fun” appreciated for the first time a year ago and this year gathered crowd of inhabitants and turists.

It must be pointed that certainly didn’t lack musical attractions – singers, musicians, dancers, deejays and street band. And what is important all “made in Siena” and with free admission.

Time has passed extremely quickly with concerts, musical performance and karaoke. And then just a countdown seconds to midnight and welcome in euphoria the New Year 2014. For sure one of the biggest attraction was the projection on the big screen in “Boy of Europe”, the famous song by Gianna Nannini (Italian singer, born in Siena) repeated in a live version of a few years ago.

After midnight we had a great fun with the biggest musical hits.

Like this Siena an officially candidate to European Capital of Culture 2019 and its inhabitants entered New Year 2014.

By the way I want to say thank you to my 939 followers and all visitors for all your comments, mails, support. It was a pleasure to write for you since 23rd October 2013. I am motivated to write more and more and more ! So have a Happy New Year 2014 ! I wish you a lot of happiness, joy, love and to visit Tuscany!

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Let’s go abroad! Why not . . . Berlin!

DSC02409This year I had an opportunity to visit for a short time the capital of Germany. I spent a great evening admiring Weihnachtsmarkt am Alexanderplatz. Although couldn’t try their Bratwurst but I tasted Glühwein and enjoyed everything all around! For a short time I could feel like in a fairy tale!

What is more in Berlin you can find much more Christmas Markets and everything takes place every evening since the end of November till the end of December!

Christmas Markets in Berlin are already finished as well as about to finish is the year 2013. But nothing is lost! If you are in Berlin next year November/December (on your way to Tuscany), you will get to like for sure this special atmosphere! I guarantee you !

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THE LAST TO KNOWS alla Corte dei Miracoli

DSC02264On Friday 6th December (btw Santa Claus Day) I had an opportunity to enjoy a good concert of The last to knows. Everything was planned since 22.30 o’ clock (in fact started a bit later) in Corte dei Miracoli which I introduced you yesterday.

Here about this what was there on Friday . . . frankly speaking didn’t think that will have so good fun. The Last to Knows is a country/folk/blues band from Siena. And they promoted their new CD that was possible to buy during the concert as well as other gadgets.

Despite I haven’t listened before this kind of music, I liked it and stayed till the end. What is more I couldn’t sit or stand without dance . . . but not only I! I was seized by the music.

It is a pleasure to learn about our local bands and participate in theirs performances. And then it is a pleasure to share with you!

An advantage of this that a band The last to knows is from Siena is that we have a lot possibilities to see them! Next chance is so close because on 12th December in bookshop Einaudi  – The Last To Knows acoustic live! Impossible to miss this occasion!

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