Today in Fortezza Medicea . . .


Today in Fortezza Medicea . . . only sun 🙂

Autumn in Siena is beautiful isn’t it 🙂 ?

Have a sunny and happy day ! 🙂

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Le Fontane Di Siena !

What do you think about it . . . Siena the city of fountains?

Exactly! No doubt for me that fountain is one of the symbols of Siena.

You can be sure that during your sightseeing you will find all around beautiful fontane – large or small, mostly medieval.

Everything is because of history of our city. When Siena didn’t have natural water sources, were built around the city aqueducts and developed complex irrigation systems.

In addition to the fountains and the most important historic monuments like the Fonte Gaia in Piazza Del Campo, each Contrada has its own fountain, which bears the symbol of that part of town and it is used every year to celebrate Contrada’s baptisms.

So let’s start . . .

Fonte Gaia
dsc01924Fonte Gaia for sure is considered the “queen of the fountains of Siena”. And it is because of location of course – Piazza del Campo as well as because of for the artwork. What is more this fountain was first competed in 1342. However was later replaced in 1419 by that of Jacopo della Quercia and then again by a copy of Tito Sarrocchi in 1858.

The Gaia Fountain of Jacopo della Quercia is one of the most important works of the Italian 1400s and is both Gothic and Renaissance in style.

The fountain is named Fonte Gaia on account of the great celebrations that took place when the inhabitants of Siena saw the water gushing out from the fountain for the first time.
You can easily notice that is possibile to find some episodes from Genesis: the creation of Adam and the Leaving from the Garden of Eden. What is more wolves spouting water represent the mother-wolf of Remus and Romulus. The long section of the fountain is adorned at the centre with a Madonna and Child, surrounded by allegories of the Virtues.

Today this unique fountain is one of main attraction on Piazza del Campo as well as meeting’s point that is easy to find.

La Fonte Nuova d’Ovile
DSC05597If you like a bit of a climbing I suggest you to visit La fonte Nuova d’Ovile. This interesting fountain you can find in Contrada della Lupa.

La Fonte Nuova d’Ovile was constructed between 1296 and 1303 in the Gothic style. Your attention will attract the robustness of its elegant arches, in sharp contrast with the top long since demolished.

It was built to bring water to Vallerozzi for handicrafts and agricultural uses.
Certainly the view here is impressive, in the background of the charming landscape of Siena.

Fonte di San Francesco

If you will be on your way to Basilica di San Francesco ( ) you can’t avoid Fonte di San Francsesco.

This small source, embedded in the basement floor of Via dei Rossi, is located in a bit hidden location with respect to the main path, which ends after a few tens of meters in the beautiful square in the Franciscan convent.

It was connected to the source of Fonte Gaia and supplied water to this area of town where silk weavers and wool workers carried out their activities.
Today this small and original fountain belongs to Contrada del Bruco and is used for baptism.

And at the end if you are close to Fortezza Medicea you shouldn’t miss two fountains. . .

DSC05603Fontana di San Prospero you will find in Parco della Rimembranza. The fountain is characterized by a large circular basin located along the Fortezza.

DSC05610And second one in Giardini della Lizza . . .

However as I told you Siena can be considered as a city of fountains. That is why . . .


And for now I send you some photos and wish you happy and sunny week 🙂

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Mercato di Piante e Fiori !

For everyone who loves flowers! 20140511_160413

This event takes place of course in sunny Siena, in the gardens around the Fountain of San Prospero along the walls of the Fortezza Medicea.
Mercato di Piante e Fiori we had a chance to see yesterday. However it will be held also today – Sunday 11 May (from 9 to 19.30 o’clock).

20140511_160319This year it is the fifth edition of the market of plants and flowers organized by the Società Toscana di Orticultura- non-profit association that is always engaged in the promotion of excellence through gardening classes, tours, lectures.

Just here you have a great opportunity to see and (what is more) also to buy: the roses of Barni, the clematis of the Magi, orchids Corazza , citrus Lenzi , the cactus ERMINI , the aromatic Pischedda and Courtiers , blooms grade Fabiani , the plants outside the nursery of the Times of Siena. And much more!

DSC04006It is not surprising that this event is (as in previous years) very successful and gathers crowds of residents of Siena as well as a lot of tourists.20140511_160357

So if you are today in Siena or in Tuscany, you should be around the Fountain of San Prospero! If you are not see you next year! 🙂

Have a sunny and happy Sunday ! DSC04007
And by the way Happy Mother’s Day !!

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Ogni mercoledi. . . . !

I know that today is Saturday, but why not something about another day . . .

Every time when I enter history center of Siena and I see people with full bags, it means only one thing . . . it’s Wednesday !

Every Wednesday (all year round) we have here . . .  il MERCATO (a market). The thing adored by local people (of course nothing can compete with Palio).  It takes place underlying my favorite Fortezza Medicea. So as you can easy guess I am there very often. Markets are very popular in Tuscany. Of course I don’t want to undermine the uniqueness of leather market in Florence that I highly recommend to you. But there you are able to find only leather products.

On the other hand market in Siena gives you an opportunity to buy everything what you need. Because it’s a genuine market as well as the one of  the largest in Tuscany! You can find here totally everything inter alia fruits, vegetables, kitchen stuff, bedclothes, flowers, animals, and a lots of clothes (not exactly in my style). For me il mercato is a right place where I always find beautiful flowers, good local food and a place where I found our canary.

Only here time chasing deals, you can bargain with the seller and take the opportunity to buy something in real good price. Certainly you will notice that for local people il mercato is a great occasion of course for shopping but also for. . . spontaneous meeting, chat and gossip with friends.

So when you have a chance to be in Siena on Wednesday between 7 am and 2 pm you can’t forget about il mercato . . . absolutely you can’t!

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Fortezza Medicea

I guess it is high time to recommend you something. . .

Let me write and show you some pictures of my favorite place in Siena i.e. a fort Fortezza Medicea (known also as the Forte di Santa Barbara).

For me this place has such a charm and atmosphere, which attracts me there almost every day. And trust me, I can walk and walk there without end, along the walls, through chestnut avenues.

As I mentioned Fortezza Medicea is a fort, built in the city between 1561 and 1563 on the orders of Duke Cosimo, that after some years became Grand Duke of Tuscany. The main aim, as you can easily guess was to provide security for the city.

However I am sure that more about history of this place you can learn from another website. In my opinion it is pointless to repeat here  what every portal about Siena writes. I don’t think also that you want to read here what you can find everywhere.

So coming back to main subject. . . according to me very important was what happened in 1937. In this year Fortezza Medicea was converted into a public garden. A garden that is beautiful at any time of the year.

And this event gives you a priceless opportunity to enjoy very nice views as well to relax during the day or (in your case) during the sightseeing.

For me it is a great possibility to make a walk in isolation from reality and crowded center of Siena. But not only for me. You will see here people of all ages, that are walking, jogging, reading, sitting with friends, making lunch break or even aerobic.

What is more, in the Fortezza has a seat The Siena Jazz Association ( This you will get very fast because during the day you can hear in Fortezza jazz sounds, that make atmosphere so special.

After your walk and some nice pictures, you can visit Enoteca Italiana ( that is next to the entrance to Fortezza Medicea. It is a right place to buy and taste local wines in their climatic garden.

At the end one more important information. . .about location. Fortezza Medicea is in the center of Siena (Viale Vittorio Veneto), only some meters from Piazza Gramsci.

Now you know that Fortezza Medicea  is certainly worth a visit!

So you can’t absolutely miss this place! Just take a look below!

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