Il Panettone!

DSC02794Let’s increase the level of endorphins! A bit of sweetness is always good for us!

Today about il Panettone that is tradition for Christmas and New Year. Lucky we got it as a gift 1st of January 2014!

It is sweet bread loaf from Milan and is a symbol of this city. But it is popular not only in Italy but also, inter alia in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Malta, Germany and Switzerland!

As I wrote the cake is derived from Milan, from the time of Ludovico il Moro, and it is still produced according to the 500 years ago. In Milan until 900 were among many bakers and confectioners to produce the cake, but today large industrial firms that are located  in Italy produce il Panettone. However in Milan are still many artisans who produce a cake according to the traditional recipe.

Il Panettone has characteristic shape (cupola shape) and packaging (1kg weight, in tall decorated boxes).

Unfortunately preparing process lasts long and involves the curing of the dough (made with water, flour, butter, eggs) which is acidic. The proofing process takes some days and gives the cake its characteristic fluffiness.

The best what you can find is of course inside: candied fruits(citron, orange); raisins ; lemon zest as well as chocolate. The result is commonly referred panetton CANDIO.

What is more here and there il Panettone can be served with crema di mascarpone.

20140105_155603Il Panettone you can find easily in supermarkets or smaller shops. You should only remember that cake is generally only available seasonally. Then only get your slice of this dainty and enjoy the great taste with a glass of sweet wine (for example Asti or Moscato d’Asti) or sweet hot beverages. Buon appetito !! 🙂






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il Capodanno di Siena ”Happy light year”

DSC02706Attractions of the New Year’s Eve in Siena took place in the history center of the city – via Pantaneto, piazza Matteotti e piazza del Campo.

”Happy light year” in Siena with a formula “low cost, high fun” appreciated for the first time a year ago and this year gathered crowd of inhabitants and turists.

It must be pointed that certainly didn’t lack musical attractions – singers, musicians, dancers, deejays and street band. And what is important all “made in Siena” and with free admission.

Time has passed extremely quickly with concerts, musical performance and karaoke. And then just a countdown seconds to midnight and welcome in euphoria the New Year 2014. For sure one of the biggest attraction was the projection on the big screen in “Boy of Europe”, the famous song by Gianna Nannini (Italian singer, born in Siena) repeated in a live version of a few years ago.

After midnight we had a great fun with the biggest musical hits.

Like this Siena an officially candidate to European Capital of Culture 2019 and its inhabitants entered New Year 2014.

By the way I want to say thank you to my 939 followers and all visitors for all your comments, mails, support. It was a pleasure to write for you since 23rd October 2013. I am motivated to write more and more and more ! So have a Happy New Year 2014 ! I wish you a lot of happiness, joy, love and to visit Tuscany!

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