Palio 16.08.2014 !


Lucky we that have a possibility to participate in another great day for Siena! Palio di Siena del 16 agosto 2014!

After very difficult entrance on Piazza del Campo and joining huge crowd of people we knew very well that the great event is coming!


And everyone on Piazza del Campo also knew it that everyone of us was a witness of a great race, great rivalry, great excitement, great victory and great joy and fun. So what we could want more . . . !

Yesterday was a day of an amazing triumph of the hero – il fantino Andrea Mari and Contrada del CIVETTA that won Palio di Siena del 16 agosto 2014 and got an original Drappellone made by Ivan Dimitrov (dedicated to the Tuscan poet Mario Luzi)!


From your E-mails I know that some of you have been yesterday in SIENA. I hope you had a priceless day and you got some unforgettable memories. And of course a big passion to come back to Siena soon!!

DSC05162For all of you especially these that didn’t have chance to be in Siena some photos !

So see you next Palio! Unfortunately we have to wait long time again. . . but of course we will! Con piacere!

And as always greetings from very sunny and very happy Siena!

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Palio 2.07.2014 !

DSC04690Just yesterday was a great day for Siena, big crowd of people, great race, great rivalry, great excitement, great victory and great joy and fun.

What is more is was very hot. However it wasn’t important. Can you imagine that some people were waiting hours on Piazza del Campo?!

DSC04738But what is obvious everything is worth for Palio! 🙂 that we are waiting for all year.
Yesterday we were witnesses to great triumph Contrada del Drago. It was a symbolic victory of il fantino from Siena Alberto Ricceri that won for Contrada del Drago il drappellone that commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Siena. As every year Palio in July is dedicated to the Madonna of Provenzano.

Maybe some of you have been yesterday in Piazza del Campo?!If no just look below!

And I am already waiting for next Palio that is 16.08.2014 ! 🙂

Greetings from very sunny Siena!

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Mille Miglia 2014

And again we could feel like in fairy tale in Siena!

Everything because of the legendary Mille Miglia that took place last Saturday (17th May 2014). What is important only the cars selected from the models which took part in the original race could participate in Mille Miglia.
Race route (from 15th to 18th May 2014) included Brescia, Padova, Rome, San Marino, L’Aquila, Siena, Volterra, Bologna, and again Brescia on Sunday morning, where they were enthusiastically welcomed home for the prizegiving celebrations.

Trust me this unique event is not only for lovers of the four wheels!
Because Mille Miglia is the most beautiful race in the world.
The 2014 program provided participation of 420 cars in the race.

DSC04218This historic competition, crossed like previous years, the historic center of Siena including of course Piazza del Campo. With one only change in comparison to recent years : the traditional control to stamp Piazza del Campo, one of the most appreciated by the competitors of the Mille Miglia since the eighties was placed not as a tradition under the Tower of Mangia, but on the opposite side of the square.

DSC04238Like previous years we had a priceless opportunity to see classic cars from all over the world. This picturesque event was a big attraction for tourists as well as for residents of Siena!

Just only look and don’t miss the chance to see it next year in May, if you are in Italy! 🙂

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Festa delle Donne !

DSC03176On 8th March as you very well know we celebrate all around the International Women’s Day.

Here in Siena you could see it everywhere after you entered history center of the city. In front of every shop were placed red shoes, the symbol of the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”. If you want to learn more about the action, you can enter website

Another characteristic symbol of the day was mimosa flower. It is precisely this flower that is given here to women.

In Siena all women got also another present. The municipal museums of Siena (il Museo Civico and il Complesso museale S. Maria della Scala ) had free admission for all women. It was a small action by which the city council wanted to participate in the International Women’s Day.

However men could also find something interesting for themselves that day. Saturday was the big day of the eighth edition of “classica degli sterri”organized by RCS Sport / La Gazzetta dello Sport. The Strade Bianche by Limar, is the new race route from San Gimignano to Siena (with 50 km of roads divided into 10 segments) that finish on Piazza del Campo.

So it is obvious what a nice Saturday all citizen and tourists had in Siena!

What about of celebration the International Women’s Day in your country?
Wish you a nice and sunny week !!

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New page . . . for you !

Some minutes ago I added new page to my blog . . . Your memories of Siena! Just view and feel free to co-create this page! Have a nice day 🙂

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