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  1. I’m not sure where to put this because I visited many of your pages, but thank you so much for your blog! I hate to admit this, but I didn’t know anything about Siena before…. now I will make plans to visit! It looks so pretty and the food sounds yummy.

  2. I wish you’d been here when we were there. 🙂 It’s a wonderful place even if you’re exploring with nothing to guide you, but I’m a huge fan of knowing more, understanding more.

  3. Love your website on Siena, it is a very fascinating city. The different burghs really adds so much charm and character. Love the different flags to denote the area within Siena. My next trip to Italia I will visit Siena, it has a special place in my heart and soul. Thank you and a very happy New Year Counselor.

  4. Here in Grimsby in the UK we have a Dock Tower whose design I believe is based on the tower on the Town Hall in Siena, Italy. Is that the tower on the left of your header photo? It looks very similar. Would love to visit.

  5. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful website. It makes me wish we had visited Siena last spring when we were in Italy. We will have to make another trip just to see this magnificent place!

  6. Thank you for liking few of my “test” posts 🙂
    Love your blog! It reminds me of my short stay in Siena -!
    It was great! Much better than Firenze.
    And I am definitely coming back to take better pictures ;-D

  7. I like your blog – such an awesome way to invite others to your bella città. I would love to travel to Italy some day. I am glad you enjoyed my Valiant post. I think my dad was an adventurer at heart and he passed on the gene!

  8. Thanks for all the in-depth information and the beautiful photographs. Italy is one of the countries that I am still waiting on for its ‘calling’, once it does, I will make sure to visit Siena!

  9. Thanks for visiting “Our Adventures in China” – perhaps someday you would like to visit China or NZ. Two very different countries – both with their own beauty 🙂

    • you are welcome 🙂 pleasure for me ! thank you for your comment!! 🙂 I wish to visit China and NZ 🙂 hope will see them 🙂 have a sunny and happy Sunday 🙂

  10. Thanks for liking my post at kiwistakeflight.wordpress.com. Love your pictures. Italy is on our list for a big tour and will definitely be visiting your city.

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