Footsteps of St. Catherine . . .

When I want to show you my city . . . it is impossible not to mention about St Catherine that the monument is located at the foot of Fortezza Medicea. She was born (on 25 March 1347) and lived in Siena. The house where Catherine grew up is still in existence. About her life and her vision of Christ you can read everywhere. Here I want to tell you about places that are connected with her. St Catherine died in Rome, on 29 April 1380, at the age of thirty-three. Till this day her Sarcophagus you will find in the Basilica of Santa Maria above Minerva in Rome. St Catherine was canonized on 29 June 1461 by Pope Pius II.

Coming back to Siena . . . for sure the most important (if you consider St Catherine) is The Basilica of San Domenico (also known as Basilica Cateriniana). This stately and unique church that represent gothic style contains several relics of St. Catherine. Here is located her head that was inserted in a gilt bust of bronze (St. Catherine Chapel). Also here you will find her thumb like also some items related to her life.

A few steps further from Basilica is House of St. Catherine of Siena that was transformed in 1466 into a sanctuary. And here some precious works, documents and records of the saint.

Attention for sure draws Oratorio del Crocefisso and the wooden Crucifix that was brought to Siena in 1565. It is believed that from this Crucifix the saint have received the stigmata in the Church of Santa Cristina in Pisa, in 1375.

Inside the Basilica of San Domenico like also the House of St. Catherine of Siena (entrance is free) you can’t take pictures. However maybe it is better because you can discover it alone! It is for sure more exciting! Let me show you only outside ! :). At the end I want to mention that inevitable is walk the streets of beautiful Contrada dell’Oca (the winner of Palio in July 2013). You will be fascinated with views all around! Trust me! The only problem. . .or maybe a pleasure you will have to climb a bit from time to time ! But absolutely it is worth it!!

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