Viva Sicilia in Siena !

Last days it wasn’t necessary leave Siena to bite a bit of Sicilia! We had a great possibility to try local tastes from this part of Italy! Everything lasts during Viva Sicilia in festa, just in the center of Siena. So what was there . . . of course the thing that Italian people like so much – food! For sure that is why everyday was crowded. It was impossible to avoid such a opportunity to try and to buy  the best local specialties! It was invaluable to move between stalls. Stalls with fruits and vegetables; bread; meats; cheese; marmalades; olives in different ways; sweets; chestnuts and local alcohol. Everything your heart desires. And you have to admit that in Italy food is so delicious and tasty! Isn’t it ? 🙂

These last days convinced me to visit Sicilia SOON. That is for sure! Because I am tempted to taste this part of Italy more!

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