Concerto sinfonico per il 39° Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte !

DSC04964Saturday, on 2nd August at 21.30 was very worth to be on Piazza Duomo in Siena.
And again everything was because of music (this time classical music).

For the first time in the history of the Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte di Montepulciano the final act of the show was held exceptionally in Siena.

It was for sure an amazing event – symphony concert with 180 musicians conducted by Roland Böer on the occasion of the 39th International Art Workshop in support of the candidacy of Siena for European Capital of Culture 2019( That is why it was important to share the common goal of promoting a new European cultural perspective. Don’t forget that Siena is a candidate city for European Capital of Culture 2019. What you should know the verdict of the jury will be announced in October. So keep your fingers crossed for SIENA !

DSC04962Our city was during the day surprised by some applauded flash mob organized by the team of Siena 2019 as well as performances of artists and musicians in various corners of the city.DSC04961

What is more during the concert audience got another surprise from FunDanza family (a cultural association that for 10 years worked for spreading hip hop culture in Siena) that showed an original dance performance to classical music.

I am convinced that Saturday evening was the unique act of union for everyone who had a possibility to be there.

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Mercato di Piante e Fiori !

For everyone who loves flowers! 20140511_160413

This event takes place of course in sunny Siena, in the gardens around the Fountain of San Prospero along the walls of the Fortezza Medicea.
Mercato di Piante e Fiori we had a chance to see yesterday. However it will be held also today – Sunday 11 May (from 9 to 19.30 o’clock).

20140511_160319This year it is the fifth edition of the market of plants and flowers organized by the Società Toscana di Orticultura- non-profit association that is always engaged in the promotion of excellence through gardening classes, tours, lectures.

Just here you have a great opportunity to see and (what is more) also to buy: the roses of Barni, the clematis of the Magi, orchids Corazza , citrus Lenzi , the cactus ERMINI , the aromatic Pischedda and Courtiers , blooms grade Fabiani , the plants outside the nursery of the Times of Siena. And much more!

DSC04006It is not surprising that this event is (as in previous years) very successful and gathers crowds of residents of Siena as well as a lot of tourists.20140511_160357

So if you are today in Siena or in Tuscany, you should be around the Fountain of San Prospero! If you are not see you next year! 🙂

Have a sunny and happy Sunday ! DSC04007
And by the way Happy Mother’s Day !!

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il Capodanno di Siena ”Happy light year”

DSC02706Attractions of the New Year’s Eve in Siena took place in the history center of the city – via Pantaneto, piazza Matteotti e piazza del Campo.

”Happy light year” in Siena with a formula “low cost, high fun” appreciated for the first time a year ago and this year gathered crowd of inhabitants and turists.

It must be pointed that certainly didn’t lack musical attractions – singers, musicians, dancers, deejays and street band. And what is important all “made in Siena” and with free admission.

Time has passed extremely quickly with concerts, musical performance and karaoke. And then just a countdown seconds to midnight and welcome in euphoria the New Year 2014. For sure one of the biggest attraction was the projection on the big screen in “Boy of Europe”, the famous song by Gianna Nannini (Italian singer, born in Siena) repeated in a live version of a few years ago.

After midnight we had a great fun with the biggest musical hits.

Like this Siena an officially candidate to European Capital of Culture 2019 and its inhabitants entered New Year 2014.

By the way I want to say thank you to my 939 followers and all visitors for all your comments, mails, support. It was a pleasure to write for you since 23rd October 2013. I am motivated to write more and more and more ! So have a Happy New Year 2014 ! I wish you a lot of happiness, joy, love and to visit Tuscany!

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THE LAST TO KNOWS alla Corte dei Miracoli

DSC02264On Friday 6th December (btw Santa Claus Day) I had an opportunity to enjoy a good concert of The last to knows. Everything was planned since 22.30 o’ clock (in fact started a bit later) in Corte dei Miracoli which I introduced you yesterday.

Here about this what was there on Friday . . . frankly speaking didn’t think that will have so good fun. The Last to Knows is a country/folk/blues band from Siena. And they promoted their new CD that was possible to buy during the concert as well as other gadgets.

Despite I haven’t listened before this kind of music, I liked it and stayed till the end. What is more I couldn’t sit or stand without dance . . . but not only I! I was seized by the music.

It is a pleasure to learn about our local bands and participate in theirs performances. And then it is a pleasure to share with you!

An advantage of this that a band The last to knows is from Siena is that we have a lot possibilities to see them! Next chance is so close because on 12th December in bookshop Einaudi  – The Last To Knows acoustic live! Impossible to miss this occasion!

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I buoni del Campo

It is like that in this world . . . good moments are passing so fast! But the most important is that they are coming again.

Some time ago we could taste a bit of Sicilia! And last weekend like every year we had in Siena Mercato nel Campo. Everything on Piazza del Campo! Weather was really good and what is more our city is already ready to welcome the Christmas. The history center’s streets are decorated with lights and with big Christmas tree. This makes a great and unique atmosphere that attracts us to leave our houses in the evening! With pleasure!

But coming back to main subject Saturday and Sunday since 8 am till 8 pm Piazza del Campo was for sure more crowded! Why was like that!? Mercato nel Campo! A lot of stalls full of (wonderful) typical food as well as handmade goods and Christmas decorations. It is not hard to guess that more crowded was in food part! Sellers encouraged us to tasting and purchase their products! It wasn’t hard because after tasting it was hard not to buy to taste more! Also amazing smell in the air made you for sure hungry! Typical products that is of course cheese (with pecorino ahead); wines; virgin olive oil; huge choice of honey; meats; sweets; pasta; marmalade . . .

After food (couldn’t be inversely of course) we could pass the other part . . . of stalls. There mostly Christmas decorations so this what we need now the most! I wasn’t able to take my eyes off stalls! So  we could get something that will remind us that Christmas is so close or something that will be a very nice gift!

So now you can check my photos and then decide to visit my city next year and see it with your own eyes! Because fortunately Mercato nel Campo is every year!

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Viva Sicilia in Siena !

Last days it wasn’t necessary leave Siena to bite a bit of Sicilia! We had a great possibility to try local tastes from this part of Italy! Everything lasts during Viva Sicilia in festa, just in the center of Siena. So what was there . . . of course the thing that Italian people like so much – food! For sure that is why everyday was crowded. It was impossible to avoid such a opportunity to try and to buy  the best local specialties! It was invaluable to move between stalls. Stalls with fruits and vegetables; bread; meats; cheese; marmalades; olives in different ways; sweets; chestnuts and local alcohol. Everything your heart desires. And you have to admit that in Italy food is so delicious and tasty! Isn’t it ? 🙂

These last days convinced me to visit Sicilia SOON. That is for sure! Because I am tempted to taste this part of Italy more!

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Siena – since yesterday officially candidate to European Capital of Culture 2019

Such a short news from yesterday . . . but important for Siena 🙂  More . . . just check link below 🙂 ! and keep your fingers crossed please 🙂 and have a nice weekend 🙂

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For four days (since 6th November till 9th November ) we could participate in events organized by one of the Contradas – Contrada della Civetta. Most of the program (conversation, members meeting, aperitif, dinner) was reserved like usually for members of Contrada della Civetta. However a part of the events program was open. Like this everyone had a possibility to participate in very entertaining evenings, that took part in open air at Piazza Tolomei. Thus on 6th of November you could have good fun with music and stand-up show. On Thursday main attraction was live music with “I Dinosauri”. In turn rock’n’roll fans couldn’t miss Friday’s evening, that was the evening of Siena’s band “ I Jaguari ”. It was a great opportunity to listen popular hits like “Summertime Blues”, “I want to hold your hand”, “Sophie” or “That thing you do”. We could spend the last day with disco music (‘il Vecchio Orso’ Alex Baldi, Ghigo Dj e Costin Dj)which made a successful ending. Furthermore Contrada members organized every evening drinks service (different types of wines and champagne).

Summarizing I have to confirm that the Contrada della Civetta gave us again an unique opportunity to spend nice autumn evenings. I want to emphasize that every evening gathered many people at Piazza Tolomei. So it is obvious that with impatience we are waiting for next year! Maybe you will also be there, who knows!

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