Loggia della Mercanzia


As I mentioned in another post (http://justvisitsiena.com/2013/10/28/all-roads-in-siena-lead/) all roads in Siena lead to Piazza del Campo. And for sure also your when you are here and follow via Banchi di Sopra or via Banchi di Sotto. The second one is a shorter route than the other, but has a special charm. That is because it surrounds part of the’ shell ‘of the Piazza del Campo. And this you can see from the small city alleys. Just here on the back of Piazza del Campo, you will find an elegant Loggia della Mercanzia, another symbol of the beauty of Siena (now it is a seat of del Circolo degli Uniti). This interesting place was designed by Sano di Matteo and built between 1417 and 1428.

The lodge consists of three arches. Certainly will attract your attention five statues placed here in the middle of the fifteenth century: S. Savino Federighi, S. Peter Vecchietta, S. Ansano, S. Victor, S. Paul Vecchietta.

Under the loggia you should note the two beautiful pallets: one, Federighi, and the other of Urban da Cortona. They are clearly visible in both secular scenes (beautiful Hercules and Omphale forming the arms of the right and Sphinxes with the same function in the left).You can’t also miss frescoes that adorn this masterpiece (by Pastorino of Pastorini and Lorenzo Brazzi).

What is more The Circolo degli is now hosted nalle Logge is the oldest exclusive club of noble Italian history and perhaps the EU. It was founded November 13, 1657.

So I want to wish you a nice sightseeing as always. However today I will not write you don’t miss this place because I am sure you will not miss when you will be going to spend some time in the heart of Siena – on Piazza del Campo!

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