Ristorante Pizzeria Malborghetto!

There are such restaurants that you want to come back and eat there again as soon as possible. Isn’t like that?

One of them is for me and can be also for you Ristorante Pizzeria Malborghetto (http://ristorantemalborghet.wix.com/malborghetto#!home/c21p) that I want to strongly recommend you today!

I know that for tourists the worst thing is looking for a restaurant especially when we are hungry. That is why you should reach there . . . Because why looking for when it is absolutely not necessary when you are in Siena.

Ristorante Pizzeria Malborghetto
(Via di Porta Giustizia 6) is situated in the center of Siena, just behind Piazza del Campo, very close to Orto de’Pecci, in a charming and calm area. Only here you can admire unique and picturesque views such a for example Torre di Mangia.


But let’s write about the food. Here you have an opportunity to taste a big variety of tasty dishes typical for Tuscany: starters; first and second courses (rich in meat and fish); see food specialties.

DSC04930It is obvious that you can’t miss here a possibility to enjoy an excellent Italian pizza. I can say without doubts that Malborghetto offers one of the best pizza in Siena. I personally recommend you my favorite one that is “Malborghetto” (with Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, Truffle, Porcini Mushrooms, Grana Cheese).

You can also order and try Ciaccini or Calzoni ? It is of course your choice!

And this everything is with a big choice of local wines . . .

I am sure that you will be charmed by the interior of the restaurant like also by the abloom external part the best for me because of the view!

What is very important I can truly guarantee you that you will be very satisfied with management, chef and waitress that create very friendly atmosphere. DSC04956

At the end it remains nothing else like to wish you to spend some unforgettable moments in Ristorante Pizzeria Malborghetto!! 🙂

Buon appetito!

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Pizza in Siena = Il pomodorino !

I know that last time was about food, very special for me . . . and as I see not only for me . . . chocolate!

Also today about food, but two difference: it is not dolce, and it is dainty for Italy . . . so can be only Pizza !

You know very well (when you have been here), or you will learn very fast (when you will be here) that in Italy, in Siena you can get pizza or even one piece of pizza everywhere. It is a good idea to eat something fast for example during your sightseeing.

However sometime you want to eat Italian pizza not in rush (as a fast lunch). Isn’t it great to taste it with a glass of red wine in one of our cozy place!?

That’s why I want to suggest you today . . . Il pomodorino (http://www.ilpomodorino.com/)! There we go.

And I can say without doubts that Il pomodorino offers one of the best pizzas in Siena, that is baked in wood-fuelled oven in compliance with the dictates of the Napolitan Pizza Academy. To prepare every pizza the freshest, top quality ingredients are used, such as Buffalo mozzarella D.O.P. from Campania.

Menu is divided on Le Bianche (white pizza) and Le Rosse (red pizza). Don’t forget only about wine! You can find there a vast selection of Italian wines as well as of international beers and champagnes.

What is more after pizza you can (if you have still some place in your stomach) take the extensive and constantly varied range of dessert that is skillfully prepared by one of Salerno’s historical patisserie shops.

I am sure that you will be charmed by the interior of the restaurant (perfect for romantic dinner) like also by the external part. The second is my favorite. You can ask why. . . Because of the view of course, the best I guess in Siena. The restaurant is situated in one of the most charming corners overlooking a view of inimitable beauty comprising the cathedral, the del Mangia tower and the basilica of San Domenico (Via Camporegio, 13).
Il pomodorino is opened daily from 19:00 to 1:00. What is more from April to October also for lunch.

And the last thing to remember is reservation. Trust me it is good to make it because after 8 pm becomes always very crowded with characteristic queue of waiting people in front of the local.
Ok, that is it from me. . . and buon appetito! 🙂

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Cacio & Pere

20140131_131719Since Wednesday afternoon only rain in Toscana. . .without stop. So it is not the best time to do sightseeing or take some pictures. However you can if you want, the only thing . . . don’t forget to take big umbrella!
On the other hand we have just started weekend! Is not it nice ? 🙂
That is why I want to suggest you very casual restaurant today . . . Cacio & Pere. You will find it in the heart of our historic center.
For sure you will be satisfied with the inside of the restaurant. That is warm atmosphere, local live music, long selection of wines (from the most famous Tuscan red wines, Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico and Morellino di Scansano, until the whites whose offer also includes labels from Friuli, Sicily and Trentino), cocktails, lunches as well as very polite staff.
What is more during the weekend’s evenings Cacio & Pere is full inside and outside. A lot of people stay outside drinking, talking with friends and smoking.
Just here are served cold or hot dishes of the traditional cuisine of Siena that with wines and beers taste great. You can try many delicacies of traditional Tuscan bruschetta, pappa al pomodoro, more or less ripened cheeses, salamis and hams produced by local companies. And what is more everything for all budgets.
Downstairs part of the local hosts live bands every night and exhibitions of paintings and photography of young talent.
As you can see this adorable place has everything that makes it special and worth to visit! Hmm what you need more . . . ? I guess only the address . . .Via dei termini 70. So wish you a nice evening and weekend !

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La Bottega di Dedo

DSC02343If you want to drink or eat in elegant place . . . for sure here! You will be bewitched with the warm atmosphere and great music that you will find there.

It is ideal place for spending nice evening with a glass of good wine and with tasting local products served as an appetizer. However because it is a winery in Siena everything is focused on wines. What make this place unique is that you will not find here wines that you can find anywhere else. La Bottega di Dedo has a different philosophy, that is, to exploit the niche wine, organic wine and the wine produced in small wineries perhaps unknown to the general public.  But every wine has an outstanding quality.

As an alternative to wine is a selection of craft beers. In order to stimulate the consumption of good wine and good beer, you will not get here a cocktail.

This cozy wine bar in Siena (Via Simone Martini, 23) is open for both lunch and dinner. However reservations are welcome because they only have 40 seats and everything is freshly prepared.

What is more La Bottega Dedo is also a wine shop where you can buy wine in bulk and bottle to take home.

So now it depends on you if you decide to spend some priceless time in La Bottega Dedo!

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Corte dei Miracoli


Today few words about Corte dei Miracoli  that during the colder weekend’s evenings is one of the best place to drink something and spend a nice time! For me personally a place that organizes very good concerts. But not only this you can find there  (www.lacortedeimiracoli.org).

It is a cultural, non-profit, social promotion which operates on the territory of Siena through the design and testing of forms and solutions in the social, artistic and cultural heritage.

For years Corte dei Miracoli  has engaged in an information, advice and assistance in the promotion and protection of the rights of citizenship.

Its very interesting location for sure will attract you to enter. Cause Corte dei Miracoli is located in the former Psychiatric Hospital St. Nicholas (via Roma 56).

In its activities presents diverse aspects of art, from theater to music as well as the visual arts. Everything gives interesting intermingling between different languages and styles.

Only here you can find Ambulatorio per migranti (that organizes and supports various initiatives); various courses for adults (such as yoga, flamenco, about plants, judo and other) as well as for children. It also organizes Italian courses on different levels. As I mentioned the most attractive are concerts that take place in Corte dei Miracoli. Just right here you can have an unique opportunity to participate in the concerts of Siena’s bands.

I am sure that you should pass from this place and not only to take a picture under Ospedale Psichiatrico but also to bite a bit of culture during your stay in Siena and find out the uniqueness of this place (that is manifested in variety of styles).

Because priceless are such moments and what is more they remind forever!

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Lunch break . . . for sure here!

I want to suggest you a really nice place. Of course Italian cuisine! So today PIADINA – thin Italian flatbread. Typically prepared in the Romagna region, however also in Siena you can find it and enjoy a great taste with your favorite additives. Piadina is made with white flour, lard or olive oil, salt and water.

The place that I will talk about is Piadineria Gian Gusto (http://www.giangusto.it/), and don’t worry – easily you will find it. It is close to Piazza del Campo (Via S.Pietro Ovile – vicinity p.zza S. Francesco) on the way to Basilica of San Francesco. This is small but very cosy place that has polite and friendly staff. Your Piadina you can eat there and at the same time follow television or reading newspapers. However you can take your lunch away. Price . . . about 4-5 EUR.

The taste is really good, and what is the most important your Piadina will be filled with whatever you want. Menu list is very long, and takes some time to read all positions. Then only you have to wait some time . . . and you can relish unique taste! The size is for sure enough to satisfy you. So please remember about this place, because it so worth to enter there! And by occasion fill your stomach. I am sure you will like it!!  A smile will not disappear from your face . . .  for a very long time! Trust me!

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If you want to drink something fast in the center . . .

Hmm of course you can take something from home and drink for example on Piazza del Campo, like many people (mostly students, that in Siena are a lot. . . trust me a lot).

But you can also visit one bar . . . a few steps from Piazza del Campo. You have to only enter Contrada Onda (by occasion the winner of Palio in August 2013 – but about Palio. . . for sure more much more later).

The Bar Paninoteca L’incontro it’s quite small, but inside has homely climate, good music and what is important . . . it’s full – crowded inside and outside.

Drinks are at good prices . . .for example wine 1 Eur, wodka with juice 3 Eur. As I heard they have the cheapest beer in Siena, and as I saw . . . very friendly staff. You can drink inside or you can take your drink away.

So . . . take the right decisions and come by the way to the Bar Paninoteca L’incontro. And have a nice time!

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