If you want to drink something fast in the center . . .

Hmm of course you can take something from home and drink for example on Piazza del Campo, like many people (mostly students, that in Siena are a lot. . . trust me a lot).

But you can also visit one bar . . . a few steps from Piazza del Campo. You have to only enter Contrada Onda (by occasion the winner of Palio in August 2013 – but about Palio. . . for sure more much more later).

The Bar Paninoteca L’incontro it’s quite small, but inside has homely climate, good music and what is important . . . it’s full – crowded inside and outside.

Drinks are at good prices . . .for example wine 1 Eur, wodka with juice 3 Eur. As I heard they have the cheapest beer in Siena, and as I saw . . . very friendly staff. You can drink inside or you can take your drink away.

So . . . take the right decisions and come by the way to the Bar Paninoteca L’incontro. And have a nice time!

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