Motorino !

Italy . . . there are many Italian characteristics  features . . . (no I don’t want to write about pasta or pizza today). For sure one of them is a scooter – means of transport very popular also here in Siena. All around you can hear and see it! Local people are choosing scooter instead of car as well as (like our friends) even when they have 2 cars they buy also a scooter. You will ask why?

Reasons can be more . . . but for sure it’s faster and cheaper possibility to get to work, school etc. And as I can notice every second weekend a scooter is the best means of transport to get to stadium and participate in soccer match. Just only think, you can avoid traffic jam, you can always find a place to park and immediately life becomes easier . . .

So if you are here or anywhere in Italy, stay alert . . . because scooters are everywhere! Just look below!

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